Police: Burglar paints victim's dog purple

(INSIDE EDITION)- A Martha's Vineyard man was arrested over the weekend and accused of a string of home break-ins, during which cops say he painted a dog purple.

Oak Bluffs Police responded to a report Saturday afternoon of a stolen motor vehicle that crashed at the end of a road with the suspect fleeing from the scene on foot, according to a police statement.

Around 5 or 10 minutes later, officers were dispatched to a nearby residence for a report of breaking and entering.

Officers met with the victim who told them they got home and found a ground level window forced in. Items were reportedly stolen and the victim's dog had been painted with purple paint.

A neighbor reported a male knocked on their door and asked for a male who didn't reside at the home. The neighbor provided a description of the male to investigating officers and noted the male looked disheveled.

Through interviews with witnesses, cops identified Felix Reagan as a suspect.

Reagan was arrested by the Oak Bluffs Police on Saturday. A search of Reagan revealed prescription pills, a driver's license and credit cards that were stolen from one of the burglarized homes, cops said. Reagan also had purple paint on his pants which was consistent with the paint that was found on the dog at that same home, according to the police statement.

Reagan was transported to the station for questioning. While in the police cruiser, police say Reagan attempted to kick out the windows and kicked an Oak Bluffs Officer on two occasions.

Reagan was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with breaking and entering in the daytime with the intent to commit a felony, larceny of a motor vehicle, destruction of property, cruelty to animals, possession of a class A substance, possession of a class E substance, and assault and battery on a police officer.

Over the course of their investigation, two more reports were made regarding break-ins in the area and additional charges may still be added, police said.