Police Chief Resigns Over 'Black Live Matter' Post

SURF CITY, NC- A controversial Facebook post leads to a North Carolina police chief's resignation.

Chief Mike Halstead of the Surf City Police Department stepped down on Tuesday.

The move came after an emergency town meeting was called by Surf City's Mayor, to discuss concerns over a Facebook post made by the chief.

The social media comments, which were posted almost two weeks ago, show the chief voicing his concerns over the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.

The chief referred to it as 'nothing more than an American born terrorist group.'

Agree or disagree with him having to step down over the post, after 35-years as a member of law enforcement, Hallstead's retirement leaves many in the community with mixed feelings.

"He felt pretty passionate about it, someone had just been murdered in Texas and it was in relation to that incident," said Town Manager Larry Bergman.

"In my personal experience, when you put on a badge or a uniform, that's what people see. They don't see your color. They see the blue or the black, and that's how the majority of police officers act, and he's been in law enforcement for 35 years. He didn't get there by riding the rails or hiding behind someone else," said Military Police Officer Andrew Vann.

During the meeting, the town council also voted to pay Halstead a 60-day severance.