Police: Duo busted for breaking into zoo while trying to catch Pokemon

INSIDE EDITION- Two Pokemon Go players found themselves under arrest Thursday after they hopped over a fence at a local zoo in Toledo, Ohio, after closing hours.

Robin Bartholomy, 25, and Adrian Crawford, 26, were found sitting by the zoo's tiger exhibit when they were apprehended by police. The pair allegedly broke into the zoo around 2:30 a.m. while hunting for Pokemon.

The arrest occurred without incident, police sources reported.

"Security at the zoo noticed there were two people walking by the tiger exhibit," Lt. Joe Heffernan, a public information officer with the Toledo police told Inside Edition. "They'll have to go see a judge and get a court date and explain what they're doing."

In a now deleted Facebook post, Bartholomy, a University of Toledo graduate, said she would be willing to break the law in search of the game's characters.

Heffernan - who does not play Pokemon Go - was unsympathetic.

"They are certainly old enough to know better," he said. "The fact that you're playing a video game on your phone is not going to play well as an excuse in court."

Ohio's criminal code classifies trespassing as a fourth degree misdemeanor, which could land the pair in jail for up to 30 days. They are due in Toledo Municipal Court Friday morning.

Some zoos, however, have embraced the game - to a point. Florida's Palm Beach zoo, an official Pokemon hotspot, has posted signs welcoming players during their regular business hours.

"There are nearly 500 Poke stops in & around the Zoo," they wrote on Facebook. "We want you to UP your game during our regular hours."