Police escort daughters of fallen Ohio officer to homecoming dance

The daughters of a fallen Danville, Ohio police officer got a special escort to their homecoming dance over the weekend, as other officers made sure to step in to take his place.

Their world changed in January when their dad, Officer Thomas Cottrell, died in the line of duty. Known as a devoted father, Cottrell was shot and killed behind the Danville Police station.

But the smiles were contagious as the Cottrell girls primped for a big night Saturday. Hair, nails, makeup and dresses checked off their list. "Those girls were his life; he always said, 'Those are daddy's princesses,'" said the girls' mother, Anna Montgomery.

Princesses Courtney, Brooklyn and Alycia were dressed to the nines for the Licking Valley homecoming dance. All three have dates and special escorts, as their dad's brothers in blue stepped up on what is sure to be a memorable evening for the girls.

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