Police: Group steals from dozens of unlocked vehicles in Springfield Township

Police say a group swooped in, rifled through and stole whatever they could out of nearly two dozen cars all in one night in Springfield Township, Delaware County.

Police tell our Joyce Evans they did not have to actually break into any of the cars because they were unlocked.

"We're now processing that one for fingerprints as well," Springfield Township Police Chief Joseph Daly said.

Police say their best accomplice is you--the victim.

"They drive down the street see somebody gardening in the backyard, they'll knock on the door, if somebody answers they'll make up an excuse for knocking. If not, they'll enter the house grab something and disappear," Chief Daly said.

He also says most times it isn't much. However, sometimes wallets and purses are taken and stolen credit cards are used and people's identities are ripped off .

"More concerning is we've had several guns stolen that were left in cars," Chief Daly said.

In the past his detectives have caught some of the thieves when they make a purchase in another town.

Still, police are advising residents--while home security video may help catch a thief-- unlocked doors are an easy invite to come on in.