Police: Hundreds of citations issued for underage drinking and fake IDs in Bryn Mawr

Police say they issued hundreds of citations for underage drinking and carrying a false ID card in Bryn Mawr. According to police, the owners of the bar are the ones who called them. 

Fake IDs are technically sophisticated these days that they are able to foil the best scanners used by bars to stop underage drinking. Police say that's exactly what happened at Flip & Bailey's in Bryn Mawr last Friday.

"We had approximately 300 people inside the bar and out of them approximately 254 citations are being written right now," Radnor Police Superintendent Chis Flanagan said.

254 citations for underage drinking and carrying a false ID card, according to police.  Superintendent Flanagan says the bar's owners actually contacted them concerned area college kids were beating the safeguards they had in place. Some 15 officers took part in the massive bust.

"Some IDs were dropped on the floor. Other people either dropped them or hid them when we came, flushed them down the toilet," Superintendent  Flanagan said.

Police used portable breathalyzers. Those cited ranged in age from 18 to 20. 

"I think its a huge problem,' Superintendent Flanagan said. "There are people who specialize in what I would call high-quality fake IDs and these students had access to them."

Police say restaurant and bar owners could also face serious consequences.

"People don't understand. It's not just sneaking into a bar and I know people are challenged by that, but it really can affect a family or a business to the point they could be shut down," Superintendent Flanagan said.