Police ID officer who shot armed dirt bike rider during Philadelphia traffic stop

Investigators in Philadelphia have identified an officer who they say shot a dirt bike driver who pulled a gun on police during a traffic stop.

Police on Saturday tracked down a dirt bike rider who they were told from a police helicopter was driving recklessly and weaving in and out of traffic.

Officers caught up with the 31-year-old driver on the 700 block of North 6th Street, and told the man his bike would be confiscated for its illegal operation.

Police say the unnamed suspect became agitated and "reached for a concealed weapon" during the confrontation. 

Investigators say Officer Paul Moore, 32, was behind the suspect when he saw him drawing a firearm and tried unsuccessfully to disarm the man. 

That's when police say Officer Moore discharged his firearm and struck the suspect. He was taken to Temple University Hospital in stable condition.

Police say they found the suspect's weapon at the scene. 

Officer Moore has been placed on administrative leave during the internal investigation, per the Philadelphia Police Department's policy.