Police in Georgia investigating why burglars shot and killed two kids

Clayton County Police say two siblings, age eleven and fifteen, were shot and killed during a home invasion.

No one is in custody, and authorities are still piecing together exactly what happened.

As police are still searching for a motive for this brutal crime, police tell me that as far as they know, nothing was taken from the home by the intruder or intruders. So at this point, all possible motives, including robbery, are still on the table.

"What actually happened? Why those children are dead?"


Neighbors have no answers-- and Saturday night-- Clayton County Police say they have named no motive why at least one intruder burst into this home and shot and killed two children.

"It's just heartbreaking with children, especially when you know... you see these children every day."

Ashanti Marbury, a police spokeswoman, said, "This morning about 5 am, we received a call from within the home that someone had made entry into the home and was shooting."

Clayton County Police say five siblings ages six through fifteen were home alone, in this house on Libby Lane, as one of the kids in the home called 911.

Police say they rushed there, found evidence of at least one intruder--and two siblings, 15 year old Daveon Coates, and 11 year old Tatiyana Coates, shot and killed.

Police tell me the parents were quote "out on the town" that night and rushed back, after a call from police.

After a search of the home, investigators tell me as far as they know-- the intruder or intruders, took nothing from the home.

"Very necessary, if anyone seen anything between the hours of 4:30 and 5 am, to come forward," Marbury said.

Police need help from people who may have seen what happened that morning.

Neighbors say they didn't know the family very well.

They had just moved here, within the span of a few months.

"They just renovated this place so it's very, very sad."