Police investigate domestic violence incidents

Police say there were two separate incidents of domestic violence over the weekend--one in West Philly and another in Burlington County. According to police, both cases ended in tragedy.

Shades were pulled with no sign of anyone home on the 6200 block of Webster Monday afternoon. But late Saturday night, police say they were called to the West Philly rowhome for a "person with a gun". Unfolding was the toxic mix that often leads to domestic violence say advocates--a man, women, children, anger and a gun.

After police removed three young children from the second floor window, the SWAT team entered to find a 27-year-old Daniel Gordy had shot his 30-year-old girlfriend Shannay Brown to death and turned the gun on himself, according to investigators.

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The worst domestic violence scenario there can be, according to Jeannine Lisitski, the head of Philadelphia's Women Against Abuse.

The children were not harmed, but will likely need help in overcoming the trauma, says Lisitski.

Police say in the South Jersey community of Browns Mills, Burlington County, still more weekend domestic violence. 59-year-old Kenneth Arsenault is accused in the stabbing death of his 61-year-old wife, Lorraine, on the front lawn of their home.

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According to Women Against Abuse, domestic violence is and extremely dangerous threat to public safety. It says 117 people were killed last year from domestic violence in Pennsylvania with 47 abusers taking their own lives.

Advocates for victims say one answer is early intervention.