Police Investigate Gunpoint Robberies in Old City and Society Hill

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Philadelphia police say there have been at least 4 gunpoint robberies this month in Old City and Society Hill. It's become the talk of the two neighborhoods.

"My wife was gonna come out and walk the dog tonight like she normally would but I didn't feel it was safe for her to walk alone so I'm out here with her," said Old City resident James Post.

The holdups have happened at night between 9:15 p.m. and 11:15 p.m.. It's unclear if the same person or people behind all four.

"It's scary we have a little one and we're always out and about a lot. I've always said I thought this neighborhood was safe and it's unnerving," said Old City resident Lisa Metzger.

Francis Purcell, an Old City businessman of 20 years, says he feels pretty secure and he's noticed a heightened police presence.

"The other night on Christmas even after church an officer pulled around and I have seen regular patrols in the neighborhood as well," said business owner Francis Purcell.

Cell phones and cash have been the sought after items from 4th and New Streets over to 2nd and Delancey and even as far west as 12th Street near Callowhill. The last reported robbery was on December 18th at Front and Chestnut Streets.