Police investigate lewd acts in Cherry Hill, NJ

Police say a man has been exposing himself in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They say it happened three times.

According to police, the man was last seen pleasuring himself on the dimly lit 1900 block of Greentree Road in Cherry Hill Township this past Monday night. Police say the man stood outside a woman's window and performed a lewd act before running off.

It's the latest of three similar incidents all within a few blocks of each other.

According to police, last month, a woman saw a man masturbating while standing at the corner of North Birchwood Park Drive and Karen Lane.

Cops say the suspect was described as a black man wearing a black furry coat and jeans.

Residents are even more disturbed by the fact that cops say these incidents even date back to Dec. 4 of last year when a woman saw a man doing the same thing outside her window at an office complex near Route 70 and Springdale.

Anyone who has further information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Cherry Hill Police Department at 856-488-7833.