Police investigate string of mischief incidents in Medford, NJ

Police are investigating after a string of mischief incidents to residences in Medford, New Jersey.

It was an unpleasant wakeup call for Danya Davis early Tuesday morning. Medford Township police showed up at her door to show her what one more vandals did.

"All four of our lights had been ripped off and tossed and a large recycling bin had been overturned and trash was strewn everywhere," Davis told Fox 29.

Damage of a least a thousand dollars.  Paul Kim got the same abrupt start to his day.

"My mother woke me up and said you gotta come out," he explained. 

Another thousand bucks in damage here.

"We came out and saw this.  Someone knocked the light over, both lights, and the recycling bin was overturned, trash was everywhere and they took our mailbox," he explained.

Several more properties on West Centennial Avenue, Gottliebs Field Road and Bortons Road were also hit.  Mailboxes destroyed, lights and lamp posts ripped apart, even cars damaged. 

At least one neighbor's camera captured some of the rampage. 

Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation can contact Medford Twp. police at 609-267-8300 or the anonymous citizen tip line at 609-714-0302.