Police investigating confrontation in Old City after video shows bar owner pulling gun

A video of a man pulling a gun in Old City has launched a criminal investigation. In the meantime, that man is receiving death threats.

“I just saw something really bad was going to happen,” said Liz Krieger said.

Krieger was having drinks with friends in Old City Sunday night when she found herself in the middle of a heated confrontation.

That’s her voice heard on video during the confrontation on South 2nd Street. A man began yelling at customers on the sidewalk about the lack of masks and social distancing. She says it quickly escalated when it got political.

“He says, ‘You can have your MAGA privilege.’ Jamie pulled out a gun and said, “Trump 2020,” and pointed it at this guy’s face,” Krieger explained.

The man pointing the gun has been identified as Jamie Atlig. He’s the owner of Infusion Lounge, right outside where the incident happened.

He says after words were exchanged, he was the one threatened.

“It looked like, at that at point, he was drawing a gun, because it was a black, metal object as he reached behind,” Atlig stated.

It turns out that metal object was a bicycle lock. No shots were fired. Atlig does have a license to carry. Witnesses say they were stunned.

“How did it get to this?” FOX 29 Chris O’Connell asked.

“He came across and came to attack me. I’m the actual victim in this situation,” Atlig responded.

Along with running a lounge, Atlig is a security consultant training law enforcement in weapons and physical combat. He says he knows a threat.

“He owns a business. He was being threatened as well as his patrons. He pulled out his duly licensed firearm. He diffused the situation. He put the firearm away,” stated attorney Robert Gamburg.

Some wonder if a gun was necessary?

“A bike lock doesn’t warrant having a gun pulled out on you,” Krieger said.

Since the video has gone viral, Atlig says he’s receiving death threats. But, he says he’s been threatened before.

“I don’t like bullies. These guys can try to bully me all they want. They have the wrong person,” Atlig added.


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