Police issue warning about rideshare apps after 2 sexual assaults in Delaware

Police in Delaware are urging caution when using a rideshare app after they say at least two young women were sexually assaulted. 

Investigators from the Newark Police Department say a 21-year-old woman was waiting for a rideshare vehicle early Sunday morning. The rideshare was ordered for her by a friend and police say the victim did not have a description of the vehicle.

The young woman, according to police, got into the front seat of a nearby parked vehicle that she believed was the rideshare car. That's when police say the driver made "sexual contact" with the victim before dropping her off at her destination.

Newark police are also investigating a Halloween night sexual assault that they say happened inside a rideshare vehicle. The victim, also 21, was sexually assaulted by her rideshare drive while en route to her destination. 

The victims were taken to local hospitals for examinations and did not sustain injuries, according to police. They are investigating both incidents separately.

"When the vehicle pulls up, or you make contact with the driver, the first thing you do is ask them who they're there to pick-up, make sure that they know your name," Lt. Andrew Rubin said. 

The department shared tips about rideshare safety, such as sitting in the backseat on the passengers side and knowing the license plate number of your rideshare vehicle. 

They also suggest never taking a rideshare alone, or talking on the phone if you're riding by yourself.