Police: Jogger grabbed by man in Camden County

Joggers are on alert in Camden County after a woman told police she was running along a track when a man grabbed her.

Mount Ephraim resisdents say they're surprised and concerned to hear that a woman was allegedly assaulted while running along the track two nights ago.

Mount Ephraim police say the victim called them around 7 p.m. Sunday after she says a man grabbed her from behind. Then, she wrestled with him and broke free.Police say he was last seen running through the woods towards the Mount Ephraim little league fields wearing all black.

Police suggest people to run in pairs in well-lit areas. They are even suggesting locals carry pepper spray to use in self defense only. The runners and walkers we talked to say they love this park, but they know to be careful.

This case is still under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Jason Dobleman at jdobleman@mountephraimpd.com or Mount Ephraim Police dispatch at (856)931-2220.