Police looking for group of suspects after string of high-end vehicle thefts in New Jersey

High-end vehicles have become the target of a recent crime operation across the state of New Jersey.

Police say four high-end vehicles, a Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, were stolen from four separate homes in Avalon Tuesday morning.

The masked suspects allegedly entered the unlocked homes, swiped the car keys, then took off with the vehicles - all while the victims were sleeping.

"This statewide operation targets higher end motor vehicles that often have the key fob left inside, or near, unlocked, higher end motor vehicles," Avalon Police said.

In many cases, police say the vehicles are later found at Newark ports, where they are packed in shipping containers and sent out of the country.


Collin Todd, who is visiting Avalon from Pennsylvania, says his family was recently victimized when his mother's BMW was stolen from their driveway and recovered in Newark.

"We luckily had the keys, so we could go find it on the BMW app, but after that it was up in the air about where the car got taken in the lots," he said "It was probably gone for a month and a half."

Surveillance footage shows five suspects police are looking for in connection to the recent Avalon thefts. Police say they should be considered "dangerous." 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 609-967-5909.

Police are also urging residents to lock all their vehicles and properties, activate security alarms and surveillance video, and not to leave valuable in plan sight.