Nearly 50 shots fired in shooting that killed man, 27, in Tacony

Police are investigating a shooting that happened in the Tacony section late Tuesday night. 

The shooting happened at the intersection of Torresdale Avenue and Unruh Avenue at approximately 10:15 p.m. When police initially arrived to the scene, they found everything but a victim. 

Police say the shooting scene consisted of over 45 spent shell casings that came from three separate semi-automatic weapons. Several of the shell casings appear to have come from a rifle and other shell casings appear to be from a handgun.

While police were investigating the scene, they were notified that Frankford Hospital had a 27-year-old shooting victim arrive by private vehicle.

The 27-year-old shooting victim had been shot in the head. He's was extremely critical condition and later died, FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports. 

Police are holding the vehicle that brought in the 27-year-old as a part of the crime scene. They are also holding the three individuals who brought in the victim as possible detectives. 

According to officials, there were real time crime cameras and private business cameras in the area so they are hoping to use that footage to piece together what occurred. 

An early investigation indicates that the shooters were firing eastbound on Unruh.  

One unattended vehicle on the 4600 block of Unruh Avenue was struck by gunfire. They also found another vehicle that had been struck by the gunfire. 

A gun was recovered at the scene. Three suspects were taken into Northeast Detectives office. 



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