Police: Man impersonated firefighter at local fast food restaurant

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Philadelphia police are on the hunt for a man who allegedly impersonated a firefighter and walked away with nearly five hundred dollars.

He was caught on surveillance camera last Friday at the Popeyes restaurant on West Lehigh Avenue. The man walked in and said he was there to replace the fire extinguishers, according to police. Witnesses say the man seemed to have key information, examined the extinguishers in the back, and even left two receipts. Police say after being paid cash, he went to his car to get the equipment, and never returned.

"Everything was just clicking so perfectly, I mean, he knew. He knew the bosses name. He just knew everything to say, everything was just there. He didn't stutter. He didn't flinch, anything," one witness told FOX 29.

If you recognize the man, call Philadelphia police.