Police: Man shot, killed inside North Philadelphia store

Philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead inside a North Philadelphia store.

SKYFOX flew over the 2600 block of Germantown Avenue after a shooting just before 6 p.m. Tuesday inside a business called Techish. 

It's where police found a 28-year-old man on his back on the floor on the customer side of the counter. He was shot several times in the neck, chest and torso. 

"We found 16 spent shell casings. The 16 shell casings are on the floor by the counter on the customer side very close to where the victim was laying," said Chief Inspector Scott Small with Philadelphia Police. 

Police believe the victim was targeted and say no one else was hurt. 

"We're being told by employees that the victim who was shot entered the store and there was one other customer in the store and there were two employees. Then there's a possibility that a male entered the store wearing a mask who may have fired the shots. But we're not certain at this time. We could not get a concrete answer from employees," said Chief Inspector Small. 

SKYFOX flew over the scene Tuesday.

Police say they found a semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine also on the floor on the customer side. 

They're not sure yet if it's the gun used in the shooting or if the victim had it. They say employees tell them it wasn't a robbery and that they just heard gunshots. 

"The store owner as well as employees just heard multiple gunshots, no arguing or fight before but just multiple shots in rapid successions," said Chief Inspector Small. 

The suspect was a male dressed in all black, including a black ski mask. 

No motive yet in this murder.

 Right now, we stand at more than 550 homicides in the city. 



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