POLICE: Man slashes tires of 16 vehicles in Center City

Police are investigating acts of vandalism that occurred late Friday night.

According to the Philadelphia police, officers were on routine patrol around 11:40 P.M. when they saw a 28-year-old black male standing next to a vehicle, armed with a knife. The offender used the weapon to stab several tires on the vehicle.

The officers approached the offender and placed him in custody.

A witness then walked up to the officers and stated that he witnessed the offender slashing the tires of two other vehicles parked on the 1400 block of JFK Boulevard.

Police surveyed the area and discovered a total of 16 vehicles had their tires slashed.

According to police, two cars were on the 1400 block of Arch St. Five cars on the 1400 block of JFK Boulevard. Four cars located at 2 North Broad St., and five more cars were vandalized at 1200 Arch St.

The offender was transported to the 9th District for processing. Police have not yet released the offender's identity.