Police: No threat after reports of woman peering in windows

Police say they have identified a woman that had previously been considered suspicious they say she was wandering onto homeowner' lawns and peeping in their windows and cars.

The investigation is ongoing, but police say there is no threat to public safety. No entry was made to any vehicles or residences.

Ridley Township police say they received a call for a suspicious woman looking into vehicles on the 2600 block of Grand Avenue.

The homeowner tells FOX 29 she pulled into her driveway as the woman was wandering into her neighbor's yard and confronted her. She said the woman was "just looking" and said she knew the previous homeowner.

When she looked at her home surveillance video, she saw the woman also entered her yard and looked in her car windows.

Another neighbor provided home surveillance video from Springhill Road, just a few blocks away, about a half hour earlier.