Police officer buys hotel room for homeless family living in their car

When police officers in Taunton, Massachusetts spotted a homeless family living in their car, one officer took it upon himself to help.

At around 2:30 this morning, officers were circling an empty parking lot on Freemont St. when they noticed the family parked in their Chevy Silverado.

The car had a mom, a dad, a 2-year-old, and a 3-year-old inside.

"Our new officer took it upon himself to try to make arrangements because they had no place to stay and it was a little cool in the evening," said Lt. Roderick of the Taunton Police Department.

The new officer, Leonardo Almeida, is only 25 years old and just graduated from the police academy.

Almeida called a local hotel and asked if they had space for the family. He paid $190 so they could sleep there for the night.

Lt. Roderick explained that Almeida never even mentioned his act of kindness to his bosses, and never thought twice about paying for the hotel.

"He is a humble man and I'm sure he has a great future ahead," said Roderick.