Police: Officer shoots, critically injures knife-wielding suspect in Feltonville

Authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting that sent a suspect to the hospital in Feltonville Wednesday morning

The incident occurred on the 4700 block of Rorer Street shortly after 11 a.m.

Police tell FOX 29's Kelly Rule the officers tased a suspect who was armed with a knife twice.

“They drew their tasers, ordered him to drop the knife. He did not do so. They deployed the tasers,” stated Sgt. Eric Gripp, with Philadelphia Police Department Public Affairs.

Sergeant Gripp says the officers fired off their tasers three different times. The officers were backed all the way down the block, imploring the man to drop the knife.

Police say they believe the man was struck at least once with the taser, but, for some reason, it was ineffective.

“Officers on the street will tell you this, a taser does not work 100 percent of the time. Some folks are struck with it, they pull it right out and keep going. Other people, it puts them down to the ground, they’re completely incapacitated. So, these are things we’re going to find out,” Sgt. Gripp explained.

Philadelphia police say a man in Feltonville lunged at them with a knife after he was tased twice.

While attempting to tase the man a third time, they say he lunged at the officers with the knife.

At that time, one of the officers fired three shots, striking the suspect.

Police say officers were wearing their body cameras at the time of the incident.

Police have not identified the man but they believe he is in his 40’s or 50’s. They do not know if he lives on the block where he was shot.

The suspect was taken to the hospital by police where he was listed in critical condition and taken in for surgery. 

The officer who opened fire has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.

Police say an officer opened fire on a knife-wielding suspect in Feltonville after two attempts to tase him.

Police say they originally responded to that location for a call for a man with a weapon. 


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