Police officer struck in hit-and-run

Authorities say a police officer was injured in a hit-and-run in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County.

"I was standing in my driveway and the officer was crossing the street right here and I heard a big loud bam and thud," said Jennifer Rice. She says she was there when a Whitpain Township Police Officer was hit by a car that kept going. It happened just before six Thursday evening on the 1900 block of Pulaski Drive near North Wales Road. According to Rice the officer responded to her call for help with a stray dog roaming the neighborhood.

"While we were waiting to see if there was any information on the dog the officer decided to let the dog lead him to see if he would lead him home." She says that's when someone hit the officer.

"All I saw was the officer stagger across to the driveway across the street and fall down and they kept going," said Rice.

Whitpain Township Police confirm the officer was on a call for service but did not go into detail. They say he suffered an injury to his left leg.

"All for trying to save a stray dog," said Rice.

Police believe the driver who stopped for a moment and then kept going was driving a small black sedan with tinted windows.