Police on the hunt for several people wanted in connection with two daring smash and grab robberies

First it was Boyds on Chestnut Street in Center City, then Macy's on the boulevard in the northeast. Now investigators are looking for links to other smash and grab robberies in our area.

"Huge concern. You have individuals that are striking like this in multiple incidents."

The daring smash and grab crew drove this high end Mercedes in both heists this week as they targeted high end merchandise in both stores. $50,000 in leather coats and bags at Boyds, over $16,000 in expensive Movado watches at Macy's.

Each time making using the same getaway car with a stolen license plate.

"The same Mercedes Benz was used in the incident at Macy's yesterday."

This is all that's left of the red Toyota Rav4 used to knock out a plate glass window in the Boyds early morning burglary. It was found torched in North Philadelphia two days later.

"Just a dangerous situation because typically when you have a robbery situation it can explode at any point and time. That's our concern."

Detectives are also looking at two recent smash and grab robberies in our area back in august. On august 17, three men wearing hoodies used sledge hammers to bust open jewelry cases at the Philadelphia Mills mall.

They made off with $100,000 in Vera Wang rings and celebration brand rings. That was two weeks after a similar robbery in Montgomery Mall netted robbers $10,000 in jewelry.

"These guys seem to be professional. This is not their first time doing this."

Police believe robbery crews like this usually don't stop til they get caught. Similar smash and grab crews hit more than 15 times in our area before the FBI and police took them down.

"We're hoping somebody can identify that car, give us some information on that car so we can get these guys in custody before somebody gets hurt."