Police: Overbrook Bakery Owner Shot in Neck

Philadelphia Police are investigating an early morning shooting that happened in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia Friday.

Police say it was just before 6 a.m. when bakery owner Ziza Djordevic went out back of the Best Cake Kosher Bakery on the 7500 block of Haverford Avenue in Overbrook and was shot in the neck.

"We believe it's a robbery. They go to take her apron, which she wears and keeps her money in, but we believe there's a struggle at that point," said Southwest Detective Lt. John Walker.

The 56-year-old bakery owner was raced to the hospital by police after the bullet passed through her windpipe and into her neck near her spine. She underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition.

"There's no doubt this is a planned act. She's been here 10 years running this business," said Lt. Walker.

The shooting and robbery sent shock waves through the tight knit group of store owners and customers along the Haverford Avenue shops. Many said the victim is a hardworking woman.

The store usually opens early on Friday, which the busiest day of the week. It's also pay day for her employees. Police say the robbers also stole her pocketbook. According to police. they did not open the register. Police say she fought off two would-be robbers just last Friday.

"They failed last week, she fights them off, she doesn't report that to police, but she tells other business people. We think cause they didn't get anything last week, they get her this week. They get her while she's out there smoking--relaxing," said Lt. Walker.

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