Police: Persons of Interest Took Selfies with Theft Victim's Phone

Upper Darby police say they were pretty lucky when two persons of interest in a stolen car case allegedly sent selfies that ended up on the victim's cloud whose car had just been stolen.

For the victim's safety, FOX 29 is not showing you the victim's face, but a 19-year-old delivery driver for Landsdowne's Best Quality Pizza says he was a target Sunday around midnight. He was making his last delivery of the night.

"I walked up to make the delivery, came back, and my car wasn't there," he told FOX 29.

He says he wasn't gone even 90 seconds before his black Honda-- that he admits he left running-- was stolen. Inside the car: 500 dollars cash from the nights' receipts and his Motorola smartphone. Police located the stolen car a short time later, but what happens next even surprised Upper Darby's top cop.

"The pictures are great, so they really took nice pictures of themselves," said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Police say the pictures are of two young men--holding a sawed off shotgun. What they didn't know is that the photos had been automatically uploaded the victim's Google photo account, which was evidence delivered right to his new smartphone.

"I'm going through my Google photos to show my grandmother a picture of something and I saw these pictures on there," the victim said. "I was shocked to be honest with you.""

Police want you to see these pictures to help identify the suspects they say could be dangerous.

"If you notice one guy has sticking his middle finger up. Kind of like screw you and the other guy is holding it like he's ready for a war," Chitwood told FOX 29.

So now, instead of a theft case, police wonder if the two men could be connected to other crimes. Police want to get them and the gun they're holding in the photos off the street. Police say if it wasn't for their love of the camera they may not have a case.

"Chances of catching them before the pictures, probably 0 to 5 percent. Chances of catching them after the pictures, 100 percent. Just a matter of time, just a matter of time," said Chitwood.