Police rescue kitten from storm drain in Montgomery County

Police rescued a kitten stuck in a storm drain in Upper Gwynedd Township on Sunday.

"One of the things cops love about police work is how you never know what the next call will be," the Upper Gwynedd Township Police Department posted on Facebook. "First thing this morning a concerned resident on Conway Place called about a kitten stuck in a storm drain."

When officers arrived, they found a kitten with her paws frozen to the metal storm drain. Her body was reportedly laying over the edge toward the drain.

"This poor creature was in a very bad way," the department posted. "She looked like she might have some significant leg injuries."

A resident reportedly provided police with some warm water to melt the kitten's feet from the drain and rescue her.

The kitten was then transported to Central Veterinary Center in Chalfont. She has critically low body temperature but luckily only suffered superficial injuries.

Police say she was quickly warmed up and given something to eat. She now appears to be in generally good health.

"This story has a happy ending for this stray," the department added. "We have already found her a furever home."

The department thanked the veterinary center and its staff for their assistance.

"You could not have been nicer to this little kitten or more patient with us," the department posted.