Police: Robber threatens to throw gasoline on 7-Eleven clerk

When a customer walked into the 7-Eleven at 17th and South Streets in Center City with a cup in his hand containing an orange or red liquid and asked for a pack of cigarettes, the clerk behind the counter complied. However, what came next shocked and startled the store employee.

"Then, he indicates he has a cup full of gasoline and he would throw it on her if she didn't give him the money," Captain Sekou Kinebrew told FOX 29.

But the threat went even further.

"That was the threat that he would douse her with gasoline and set her on fire," Captain Kinebrew explained.

The clerk turned over $20 and the suspect, described as 55-60 years old, fled the store.

William Santos is an associate manager at the 7-Eleven. Santos says the clerk followed store policy and turned over the cash.

"Anybody comes in threatening us, just give them what they want, get them out of the store. As soon as they leave the store we're supposed to lock the door and call the cops right away," he explained.

Santos said the suspect actually sat outside the store and waited for several delivery men to leave before he pulled off the robbery.

"I don't want any of my associates to do anything other than give them the money and get them out of the store as quick as possible," Santos added.

The clerk was not hurt. Store workers say 7-Eleven only keeps around $30 in the cash register at any given time. Police are checking video from other robberies in the area to see if the suspect might have been involved in other thefts.