Police Search for Man Accused of Stealing iPhones

Monroe Township, NJ (WTXF) Police are searching for a man accused of stealing more than 30 iPhones in Monroe Township.

Police allege a man left a Monroe Township, New Jersey, Walmart $24,000 richer.

"It's quite creative. It's something we haven't seen in a while," said Monroe Township Police Department Detective Derrick Jacobus.

The accused thief is seen on video at the self-checkout counter at 12:45 a.m. on October 1 st . Police say the man paid $40 cash for a piece of luggage, but what you can't see are the more than 30 iPhones inside of the bag. According to police, the man allegedly stole the goods from the electronics department and it took 2 hours for anyone to notice the shattered display counter.

"He looked around and then he goes directly behind the counter -- smash in a glass cabinet of the display case and stole 32 iPhones," Detective Jacobus told FOX 29.

Police say the man took off in a silver SUV then they say he hit the streets to sell the phones for some quick cash. Police had the phones blacklisted through service providers - meaning they can't be activated - but thanks to GPS technology detectives tracked down a would-be buyer who purchased three blackmarket phones in the area of Bala Cynwyd. The 3 devices were recovered.

"If you were to buy one of these phones, you're gonna get an error message that it can't be activated and that's what happened," said Detective Jacobus.

Police are still working to track down the alleged thief and they're hoping you can help. If you have any information, please contact Monroe Township Police at (856) 728-9800.