Police search for person who deliberately ran down flock of seagulls in Bucks County

Police say someone deliberately ran down a flock of seagulls at a shopping center in Bucks County.

It happened at the Levittown Town Center on Sunday morning. The seagulls are drawn to the shopping center because of a massive landfill nearby. Tullytown police say a camera phone video taken by a witness shows a vehicle deliberately running down the flock of seagulls in the parking lot.

Animal control expert Bill Kurko was called to the scene.

"There were just dead birds all over. Some live ones with their wings completely destroyed. First words out of my mouth were 'This is not an accident," he said.

Kurko says he disposed of 9 seagulls killed instantly in the attack. He brought 4 injured birds home to try to mend their injuries. They could not be saved, bringing the number of dead seagulls to 13. Kurko says seagulls need room to run before they can takeoff in flight but with a car or truck chasing them down.

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon reports seagulls are federally protected.