Police search for suspects in Fairmount armed robbery

Philadelphia police are searching for two suspects in an armed robbery in the Fairmount neighborhood.

"I seen these two guys approach me with what appeared to be a gun, so I lifted my hands up," the victim said.

Two days after surveillance cameras captured two masked men robbing him at gunpoint, a 27-year-old Fairmount man was still shaken up. He spoke to FOX 29 after we agreed not to show his face or use his name.

"I was just thinking, I hope I don't get shot right now. It was a pretty scary ordeal," the victim told FOX 29.

The victim said he was startled by the gu-ntoting bandits, who had just gotten out of a Dodge Grand Caravan in Fairmount Monday morning around 4:30 a.m. near 20th and Brandywine. They quickly targeted him for a robbery, according to police.

"It's pretty scary because you don't know what's going on and not too many people who can help you at that time of night," the victim recounted.

The suspects told the victim to turn over his Galaxy cell phone and a set of headphones. He complied and they quickly return to the waiting mini van and fled the area.

"I don't like it, but you gotta keep an eye out for everything now," said one local resident.

Chris Bevenour lives right nearby on 16th Street. He walks through this upscale neighborhood in Fairmount almost every day. The randomness of this armed robbery had him worried.

"Makes me not want to walk around as much and make sure the cops are around looking for people like this," Benevour told FOX 29.

Roman Wapowski also lives just a few blocks from the crime scene. He says this incident reminded him once again that everyone needs to be on guard no matter what time of day or night.

"Now they got the most expensive phones out there," Wapowski said. "People asking me, can I see your phone for a second to make a phone call. Swipe, and they're gone right down the street."

"I mean that's scary if you're walking through here. Not something you want to see," Benevour added.

Anyone who recognizes the van or the suspects can call Central Detectives with information. The victim was not hurt during the robbery.