Police search for suspects in Northeast Philadelphia aggravated assault

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A local dad is shaken after a confrontation outside his home. It all started with two strangers brawling in front of his garage.

The dad says the argument and a fight between a couple happened in a rear alley off Jackson Street in the Northeast. That's when a neighbor came outside and asked the couple to move on. He spoke with FOX 29 but asked us not to identify him.

"I told him 'Hey, listen take that somewhere else. My kids are right here'," he told FOX 29.

The man who was fighting took issue with the neighbor's request and quickly made a phone call which was overheard by the neighbor.

The neighbor sent his children inside, that's when an older model grey Cadillac pulled up. A man got out of the rear passenger seat with a gun pointed at the man as he stood behind his fence, according to police.

"I was like, 'Oh Lord, not my kids," the man explained. "I was scared cause I was hoping it didn't have to go down like that."

Instead, the man got back in the Cadillac and drove away with the gun. The man who had been fighting then threatened the neighbor again, police say.

"Obviously, we're concerned about it. That someone called someone to bring a gun over a dispute that this guy's not even involved in," said Northeast Philadelphia Lt.Dennis Rosenbaum.

The man and woman jumped in this minivan and fled the area. Leaving the neighbor shaken.

"My kids have to be safe and I didn't feel safe at all," the man said.

Wednesday evening police took a person of interest into custody, they say he may be the gunman in the Cadillac. They are still searching for the couple and their white Chrysler minivan.

"Obviously, we want to get that gun off the street and those two guys off the street," said Northeast Philadelphia Lt.Dennis Rosenbaum.