Police Search for Suspects in South Jersey Armed Robberies

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) Police are searching for armed robbery suspects in South Jersey.

When masked suspects entered the Nik Nak food store in Washington Township it was immediately clear to a store employee they meant business. They produced a large knife and threatened him.

"These two guys came inside and he got big knife and he touched me here. He said, 'Give me money. Give me money,'" robbery victim Amaratlai Prajapoti explained.

Amaratlai says the robbers immediately demanded he open the cash registers so staring at that big knife he quickly complied.

"I scared so my hands is up and I'm very scared, my mind is not working, he pick up all money and he's already gone," he told FOX 29.

Detectives say the two suspects made off with almost $700 and fled within a matter of seconds. They now believe the same two suspects, with a third man, also robbed a 7-Eleven just over a mile away in Gloucester Township. They struck here twice in the month of December; first on December 2nd, then again on December 16th, according to police.

Farid Ahmed works at the 7-Eleven. He wasn't there the night of the robberies, but word spread fast about the large knife used by the bandits. He says the clerk who was robbed is still shaken and he's worried.

Gloucester police are now working with Washington Township Detectives to track down the suspects. They have some leads but they need the public's help to identify the robbers. They were wearing masks and they were also wearing some distinctive clothing.

Gloucester Township police are also trying to determine if the same suspects may have held up a pizza delivery driver at knife point in the same area back in November. Anyone with information can call Gloucester Township or Washington Township Police.