Police: Security guard throws punch in Allentown

A video shows a man in a uniform punching someone so hard it knocks him out. Police say the man is a security guard.

"Oh. Oh. What's up? What's up?" the security guard can be heard saying after delivering a brutal blow to the victim's face. Police say he is a security guard at the View Lounge on Hamilton Avenue. The video shows the guard charge through the crowd and push the victim before punching him once in the face hard enough to knock him down. The victim falls on his face as the security guard threatens the rest of the crowd.

"Who's coming next? What's up?" said the guard. It happened early Sunday morning outside the club. The video which has more than 25,000 shares and more than a million views doesn't show what may have led to the knockout but you hear people in the crowd saying the guard hit the victim for no reason. One man turned over the victim who appeared to be knocked unconscious.

The man was taken to Reading Hospital where a nurse told FOX 29 he was in good condition late Monday night. We spoke to a man by phone who identified himself as a friend of the victim. He said he was at the hospital with the victim this evening and that his friend had surgery and wasn't doing well at all.

So far, no charges have been filed in the incident. FOX 29 left a phone message for the club. They are closed on Mondays.