Police: Stepmom of Missing 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Reportedly Fed to Pigs is Arrested

(INSIDE EDITION) The stepmother of a missing seven-year-old boy whose remains were reportedly fed to pigs has been arrested, two weeks after her husband was also taken into custody.

Heather Jones, 29, was arrested early on Thursday on suspicion of first-degree murder and child abuse but has not been formally charged, according to the Wyandotte County Detention Center in Kansas. She is being held without bond, the Associated Press reported.

Her husband, 44-year-old Michael Jones, was arrested in November after police responded to a report that he had attacked his wife and fired a gun at her, CBS News reported.

During the investigation, authorities found the remains of a child on the property where the couple lived, but they have not confirmed that the remains belong to his missing son, A.J.

A police source told KCTV that investigators fear the child was beaten to death and his remains fed to pigs inside a barn at the property. The District Attorney has declined to comment on the reports.

Michael Jones is in jail on a $10 million bond. He is charged with child abuse and aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon, but no charges have been filed against him in connection with his son's disappearance.

According to investigators, Jones engaged in "torturing or cruelly beating" his son at some point between May 1 and September 28

Heather Jones previously told The Associated Press that her husband abused her and his son. She said she thought her husband was going to kill her because she found out what had happened to the boy, the APreported.

"I am not God, and I could not save everyone," she reportedly said last week.

Six other children, aged between one and 10, were taken from the home and are in state custody.

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