'Unanswered questions': Authorities investigating after teen found dead in stranger's Philly home, police say

Police are investigating the death of a teenager who was found dead inside a home in South Philadelphia Wednesday night. 

According to authorities, the owners of a home on the 2300 block of Bailey Terrace found a teenage boy laying on the floor inside their home around 8 p.m.

The victim, identified by family members as 15-year-old Ali Thorpe, was Penn Presbyterian Medical Center where authorities say he died. 

Police Inspector D.F. Pace told reporters at the scene that that Thorpe was discovered unresponsive suffering from a gunshot wound, but there were no blood or shell casings found in the home. 

Pace said the investigating includes many "unanswered questions."

A law enforcement source told FOX 29's Kelly Rule that Thorpe may have suffered a puncture wound to his heart that appeared to kill him instantly. The source said Thorpe's injured did not look like a typical gunshot wound.

"I would like to know what did he do so bad to deserve this, that boy was 15," Ali's mother Janine told FOX 29. "I hope we get justice, for whoever did this and you know what I pray for them I still said a prayer for them."

Janine, a mother of six, told FOX 29's Kelly Rule that she lost a child to gun violence more than a decade ago. She described Ali as a "happy person" who was "well-loved and respected."

Anyone with information on Ali's death should contact the Philadelphia Police Department.