Police warn of possibly lethal batch of heroin in NJ

Authorities in South Jersey say a lethal dose of heroin is making the rounds.

Evesham Township police issued a warning late Saturday after a sudden spike in overdoses -- four in under 24 hours.

Three men died on Thursday in the neighboring town of Voorhees. The men, all from Toms River, were found in a hotel room at the Wingate Inn after they failed to show up to work.

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The Camden County prosecutor's office is awaiting toxicology results to confirm which drugs led to the overdoses.

On heightened alert, Evesham Township police are urging people to call 911 immediately if they see someone experiencing an overdose, adding that a good Samaritan statute protects people who, in good faith, try to save themselves or others from an overdose death. Such good Samaritans will not be charged for drug use or possession.