DA: Woman arrested for shooting man at close range while smoking cigarette in Kensington

A woman is in custody after she was caught on surveillance video casually shooting a man standing on a Kensington street earlier this month.

Latanya Nettles, 42, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, PIC, simple assault and REAP in connection to the June 6 shooting.

Video released by police shows the woman smoking a cigarette before turning around and shooting a man one time at close range. She then continues smoking, puts her gun in her purse, and casually walks away. 

SEPTA officers were in the area when they reportedly heard a gunshot and found the man on the 1800 block of East Wishart Street. He suffered one gunshot wound to the abdomen. No word on the victim's condition.


Nettles was arrested Tuesday, less than a week after an arrest warrant was issued. Police say she has no prior convictions, and had a license to carry with two firearms registered in her name. 

Her firearms and license to carry have been relinquished following her arrest.