Police: Woman steals car off dealership lot, drags car sales manager

Police say a woman stole a car off a dealership lot and dragged the car sales manager in West Philadelphia.

It was a typical Tuesday morning at Central City Toyota on Chestnut Street in West Philly when police say a woman got off a SEPTA bus, walked onto the used car lot and asked the manager if she can look at a 2013 Dodge Dart.

"He walks her over to the car. The keys are in the car. He opens the door and lets her sit in it," Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker told FOX 29.

That's when things went bad. As the manager asked her for her driver's license, she closed the door and started to take off, according to police.The manager wasn't having it and tried to stop her.

"He goes and grabs the car, she takes off with him on the side of the car," Lt. Walker explained. "He falls to the ground and suffers lacerations and abrasions."

Police say the driver sped off the lot and down 48th Street. The manager had to be taken to a local hospital.

Police put out a city-wide bulletin on the stolen vehicle. They started checking video surveillance from the SEPTA bus. They say the customer turned thief got off of at 48th and Chestnut just before police say she took the car.

Police are also checking SEPTA TransPass data to see if they can identify the woman. The vehicle has not been recovered yet.