Pregnant Wendy's worker dragged out drive-thru window, assaulted: 'You forgot the effing straw'

(INSIDE EDITION) - A pregnant fast food worker was reportedly dragged out of a Wendy's drive-thru window and beaten after a customer accused her of forgetting to put straws inside their take-out bag.

Victoria Repine, 19, of Kansas City was working the window Sunday afternoon when KCTV reported a purple Dodge Charger pulled up after making an order.

"She said 'You forgot to give us our effing straws, and [Repine] said, 'No ma'am, they're in your bag,'" the teen's mother Heather Sacedo said to KCTV.

That was when witnesses said they saw two females pull Repine through the window, and a third person began assaulting her, though a witness yelled Repine was 3 months pregnant.

The incident report later filed reported the victim had scratches and marks on her face, neck, check and arms.

"I can't grasp how society has gotten this way," her mom Sacedo said, "to where it's fine to go through a drive-thru and beat somebody up."

Repine was then sent to the hospital, and her unborn baby, whom doctors determined to be a boy, was reported to be in good condition.

"If you would do something like this over straws and ketchup," Salcedo said. "I'd hate to see what you would do to somebody if you were really upset."

According to Salcedo, Repine has since been released from the hospital.

reported the police have a good description of the suspects and car, as well as a license plate number.

No arrests have been made, and in a comment on Facebook, the Independence Police Department reported officers are still actively investigating the case.