Prison Guard: O.J. Simpson Still Has Nicole Brown's Picture By His Bed

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A former prison guard who worked in the prison where O.J. Simpson is locked up said the former NFL star keeps a picture of his slain wife Nicole Brown beside his bed.

"On their anniversary, he gets very upset," Jeffrey Felix told INSIDE EDITION.

Simpson, who was acquitted in the deaths of Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, is serving a 33-year prison sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

Felix, who said he was Simpson's confidant before he retired from the facility, said he asked Simpson if he had killed Brown and Goldman.

"He gave me that look," he said. "The look that says - I don't want to go there."

Felix also detailed how Simpson is treated behind bars.

"He's a model inmate," he said. "Most respect him. He treats everybody politely - he's well mannered."

And he's treated somewhat like a celebrity, he said, adding: "He's allowed to cut in line - nobody really cares. He does his thing."

But not everyone allows him to cut in line. Felix says that Simpson got into a nasty confrontation with a white supremacist from the Aryan nation after he cut in. But the former corrections officer said he brokered a truce before anyone got hurt.

Felix added that when Simpson first went to prison in 2008, he piled on the pounds.

"He would eat lots of cookies. That why he put on the weight," he said.

But just before his parole hearing in 2013, he went on a diet and dropped 40 pounds by eating just salmon and rice.

"He thought he might get out," Felix said. "He wanted to be presentable for the public."

Simpson was granted parole on several of his charges but he will remain in prison at least until 2017 on other charges.

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