Procession leads beloved Hatboro K9 officer from rehab to hospice after reaction to bee sting

Hatboro police officer Ryan Allen was honored Thursday morning with a procession to bring him home under hospice care. 

Allen, a 35-year-old loving husband and father, was in the hospital for months after suffering complications from a reaction to a bee sting. He suffered a devastating brain injury in October when he had a heart attack after the sting.  

"He's a great guy," Warminster Police Department K9 Officer John Blanchard said. "It's heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking."

The procession ran from Moss Rehab in Elkins Park, through Upper Moreland, and continue into Hatboro. 

Allen worked as one of Hatboro’s K9 handlers and has been remembered as a top-notch cop who was instrumental in starting the K9 unit a few years ago. 

"He would do anything, like, he was the best, I know people say that, but he was," said Donald Bender, a K9 Officer in the Harrisburg Police Department who traveled to be at the procession on Thursday.



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