Prom held for kids undergoing cancer treatment at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

A special night for dozens of children, with the prom coming to them as a wonderful tradition goes forward at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.

"This prom is very special because of all my circumstances right now," said 17-year-old Edgerin McArthur, who is dressed to impress Thursday night, the twinkle in his eye matching the sparkle in his suit.

"We picked this out a couple of weeks ago. They measured me for everything. I really like this color," he said.

"Edge" as his family and friends call him is attending a prom at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. It is for young people undergoing cancer treatment.

"I'm missing out on my personal junior prom at my high school, so this is a great opportunity for me to do this. I really appreciate it," said Edge.

Kids from two to 18-years-old attended. They had a chance to take pictures and make videos.

"We make sure that they're not only having fun but that they remember this because I always believe strongly that you create memories. That is what we are trying to do tonight," said Robin Capecci. She is a pediatric oncology social worker. The night was full of smiles and laughter.

Even 2-year-old Alaia who is fighting leukemia boldly danced the evening away.

"Nope she's not shy at all," said Alaia’s mom, Jennifer Alvarez, who is a breast cancer survivor. "So it's important to me and her," she said.

The deejay led the kids in games and dancing.

Edge's mom, Andrea Lewis, says treatment has been rough for him, as she imagines it is for all of the children fighting cancer. She says the night is a nice celebration.

"Cancer sucks, so this is something to help ease the mood and make everybody feel a little bit better," she said. Andrea and Edge's siblings are his number one supporter on the journey with him the entire way.

"I hope he knows that he's special. He has been getting so many compliments on his suit. He is the man of the night," said Andrea.