Prosthetic for Pete: Penn Vet builds prosthetic leg for injured parrot

An injured pet parrot is getting a prosthetic leg, thanks to Penn Vet.

It all started when Benjamin Spalding was working late when he heard the screams. He ran outside and saw that a fox had startled his 34-year-old Mealy Amazon parrot named Pete. Sadly, a fox grabbed Pete's foot and tore it off.

The family rushed Pete to Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital because of their experience with exotic animals.

"We are so lucky to have come to Penn Vet," said Spalding. "If we had ended up anywhere else, Pete wouldn't have made it. We won't go anywhere else for his care."

Penn Vet is currently working on a third design that is being printed at the Fabrication Lab and should be ready soon. According to Penn Vet, the new model is not a walking boot, but is for resting and will help relieve the pressure and weight from his other leg.

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Read More of Pete's story here and view photos of Pete's new leg in the slideshow above.