Puppy shot multiple times begins to walk again

A sweet pup named Ava is on the long road to recovery after being found shot and paralyzed in the streets of Texas.

On February 2, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared photos of Ava, a 4-month-old it says was shot multiple times and left paralyzed.

When the person who found Ava didn't have money to take her to the vet, the New York-based organization stepped in.

The rescue group says Ava was left unable to walk, with one bullet lodged in her vertebrae. Ava was soon transported to the necessary specialists, kickstarting her long journey to recovery.

After receiving some physical therapy treatment, Ava is already starting to use her legs.

"[When we commit to a dog, we take that commitment very seriously," the rescue group posted to Facebook, adding that it will "stop at nothing to give our dogs the top notch medical care they need and deserve."

With intensive physical therapy still in Ava's future, the rescue group is collecting donations on her behalf.

Those interested in donating to Ava's cause can do so here.