Rapper T.I. among members of Atlanta mayor's full transition team

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms announced her full transition team at a news conference Thursday morning, and it includes some well-known names.

Bottoms' team is a diverse lineup, from educators to Atlanta-based rappers, and she said they represent a tremendous amount of depth.

"The best and the brightest in the city of Atlanta," Bottoms said.

The full transition team is made up of nearly 40 people, including Clifford Harris, who most of us know better as rapper T.I. Activist, businessman and rapper Killer Mike is also on the team, as well as educator Ron Clark.

"I'm so pleased to have such solid leadership on my side to help navigate this," Bottoms said.

Bottoms said she wanted to attract a team that was forward-thinking.

"The team will help put a framework around certain initiatives," she said.

At the news conference, Mayor Bottoms said addressing youth violence tops her agenda.

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