Residents allowed back into their homes after South Philadelphia gas leak

Residents have returned to their homes.

Fire officials say the leak is under control.

It lasted for hours.

2 city blocks had to be evacuated.

Sunday evening danger in the air in South Philly.

An hours long gas leak forced the evacuation of 45 homes spread out across 2 city blocks on the 1000 and 1100 blocks of Christian Street.

Residents running out in their bare feet as gas gushed into the air.

"They got us out of the houses."

"We have no power so now we can't eat here."

It was just after four when emergency crews got word--

A contractor doing work in the basement of this rowhome had struck and ruptured a gas line.

A huge response from the fire department with 11 trucks and nearly fifty fire fighters closing off several blocks.

PECO quickly cut power to the neighborhood but PGW crews working into the night to shut off the leak which lasted several hours.

"There's no valve for them to shut off."

"The biggest concern is the gas doesn't build up."

"We wanted to make sure we had a wide enough area to give PGW area to work and give the gas enough area to expand and dissipate."

"I brought the cake but we have no power."

Mom and daughter Barbara and Meredith hoping to celebrate Meredith's birthday. They saved the cake, but couldn't have the sparks.

"Can't even put on any candles."

"We'll be ok."

PGW crews are working to put in a whole new main tonight.