Restaurant owner wants to include marijuana in menu items

SEATTLE, WA -- A restaurant owner in Seattle, Washington is looking to a new ingredient to make his dishes a little more interesting - marijuana.

David Meinert owns the Five Point Cafe and wants to use the drug in his edible creations.

And though medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal in Washington, there are some other obstacles in the way when it comes to putting it in food.

The bill that legalized marijuana did not include regulations for allowing its use inside a business that has a liquor license.

And Meinert is prepared to start his own initiative if the law isn't changed.

"There would have to be a new kind of retain license," Meinert said.

"I think we should start pushing the issue now. It is a real thing. Customers want it. If the lawmakers don't do something about it, I'll look into running an initiative or something like they are doing in Denver."

So far Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Washington D.C. have made marijuana legal for recreational use.