Rocky Statue closed for repairs for 2 weeks

One of Philadelphia's biggest tourist attractions is now closed to the public and will remain so for two weeks.

City officials closed the area near the Rocky Statue by the Art Museum for repairs.

Kostadin Kolev was among the last to have his picture taken beside Philadelphia's iconic Rocky statue-- for now at least.

"I literally came into Philadelphia one hour ago," he told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon. "And the first thing I wanted to do was come here."

The 22-year-old Bulgarian is working at the Maryland shore this summer, but raced to Philly with his employer-sponsor just in time.

"It's just a lifetime mission for me to make it here and be able to take picture with Sylvester Stallone," said Kolev.

Rocky is getting some rehab-- or more accurately, the area around the statute, near the Art Museum's Parkway entrance, is being upgraded.

And so, by mid-day Monday, workers were erecting fencing that will act as a gut punch to photographers for the next two weeks or so. Some of the last-minute shutterbugs weren't even sure why they were here!

"It's cool to be able to see something that most people are excited to see," said Melissa Harbour, visiting from Washington state. So, was she excited to see it?


By mid afternoon the fencing was complete-- one of the workers yelled "Adrian!" As the last section was fitted into place-- and one of the most photographed sites in Philly was officially off-limits.
Being the helpful sort, Gordon naturally stepped in to Replace Rocky-- to Substitute for Sylvester.
He was, in his own mind, at least, a knockout. Visitors from Scotland, Brazil and Belgium cheered as Gordon raised boxing glove- clad hands while posing with them.

As for Kolev? He got his Selfie with Sylvester before the fencing was complete and added a run up the Rocky steps as well.

"He's bigger than life," said Kolev of Balboa. "He motivate you, makes you try to achieve greatness."